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I am most interested in writing and creating work that amplifies the nuances of femininity, “domestic noir”, and female complicity. What happens to women when they are forced to swallow down their stories and sit with the rage? Where does that rage go and how is it expressed? A lot of my writing explores matriarchy and it’s power, and how this power can be ugly.


My current W-I-P, Cherry!, is a one woman show that subverts the spaces that are held sacred in the heart of our society, in particular family and motherhood. The protagonists I enjoy writing are unreliable and very often, a far cry from upstanding paragons. I am inspired to write about female antiheroes who are certainly potent.




Maygan's debut play is retuning this October as part of the Clapham Fringe Festival, at the Bread & Roses Theatre. After a sold out run at the Golden Goose Theatre, the one woman show Cherry! returns as a full production. Originally born as a writing task for Soho Theatre Labs participation, Cherry! has evolved. In all of her grotesque, misfit glory we arrive at this unexpectedly, poignant and bittersweet one woman show that delves into the psyche of a delightfully delinquent woman.


The Spin Instructor

Developed with the Soho Theatre Writers Lab 2021-2022. 

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